Online membership survey for the IRO

Project details

Client: Institution of Railway Operators
Type: Membership organisation
Date: 2011

As part of a communications review, the Institution of Railway Operators (IRO) surveyed its members in 2011 to understand what they thought of their existing website. Primary Image created an easy-to-use online survey, which was sent out to around 1,500 people.

Graphs and data tables were automatically produced on-screen for the IRO to see the results, plus the responses could be exported via PDF and Excel for further analysis.

The results of this survey helped to form the new website that we designed for the Institution of Railway Operators. Also see the education “mini site” we created for the IRO during 2012, as well as the banner stands we delivered to them.

Online surveys for your organisation or business

Primary Image can offer you an online survey system for your membership organisation or business, which can be customised and branded to your own requirements. We can even supply unique access tokens to your chosen email list, so that each person can only submit their responses once. Our robust survey software ensures that administration is kept to an absolute minimum and our survey platform can easily handle thousands of users. Survey questions can also have different paths depending on a user’s answers. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll gladly help!