We always work hard to achieve and maintain the high levels of service and support that our customers expect. In recent times we have expanded our team to deliver a faster and better experience for our customers.

However, we haven’t changed our work rates for the past four years. As we’re all aware, costs have been rising dramatically during this time, and to ensure our service remains at the highest level, and to continue investing in our service, we are having to adjust our work rates from 2024.

Additionally, we’re introducing a brand-new way of pricing our work, which will give our customers greater certainty over how different tasks are priced. This is especially important with a larger team here at Primary Image, where different staff may work faster or slower on particular tasks depending on their experience or familiarity with your website, so our new pricing structure gives a more standardised approach.

For example, we now have a “micro” task for any tiny edits to a website, whilst “medium” tasks are for tasks involving more effort, etc.

We hope you understand our need to make these changes to our pricing. But despite our new rates, we are still very competitive against other web design and development firms. According to BenchPress, the largest survey of UK-based agencies, the average agency rate was £93/hour in 2023 and forecast to be £97/hour in 2024. So our rates are still substantially lower than the market average and we will continue to offer good value for money for our clients.

We have also updated our monthly packages, which offers a discount of up to 20% for customers that have regular work with us.

The new work rates apply from 2nd January 2024 and can be found on our Pricing page. This page also lists our latest domain name registration prices.

There are no changes to our website hosting prices. Whilst we have seen significant rises in our data centre and server costs (for example, there’s been an 80% rise in energy costs at our data centre), we have decided we will freeze the same prices as introduced at the end of 2022. We understand our customers will be facing increased costs across a lot of expenditure areas and we will try to reduce the impact of the high inflation levels as much as we can.

We very much appreciate your loyal and continued business with us.