Service Level Agreement

Primary Image offers a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our Business and Enterprise hosting plans.

For customers on our DIY or Personal plans, in order to keep our prices competitive, we do not offer service credits or compensation.  If you want to take advantage of our guaranteed SLA, you should upgrade to our Business or Enterprise plans, which are designed for business-critical websites.

Response times

You can contact Primary Image Ltd via email and phone.  If we are unable to take your call, we have a voicemail facility.

Our maximum response time targets are shown below for your specific hosting and maintenance plan.  However, we normally respond to support tickets much quicker than this.

Target times1 Business Plan Enterprise Plan
Support query 2 Priority queue Priority queue
Guaranteed within 4 business hours
Request for website edits 3 Priority queue Priority queue
Guaranteed within 2 business days
Requests for critical support 4 Priority queue, with weekend cover via email Within 90 minutes during business hours; Within 6 hours outside of business hours
Web server monitoring A team of technicians are on-site at our data centre 24 hours a day, every day of the year, who monitor the status of our web servers around the clock.  We also run a health check of each website every 2 minutes, 24/7, and get instantly alerted if the website is not loading, allowing us to take immediate proactive action.

1 Business days are classed as Mondays to Fridays, excluding Bank Holidays.  Business hours are classed as 09:00 to 17:00.

2 Where requests require further investigation or specialist help, these may need extra time.  If this is the case, we will let you know within the timescale above and give you an estimated time for completion.

3 Any edits or work requests that require a significant amount of time, or involve advanced programming, may need to be allocated additional time.  If this is the case, we will let you know within the timescale above and give you an estimated time for completion.

4 “Critical” support is defined as urgent, business-critical matters, such as services not functioning.  It is in the sole discretion of Primary Image Ltd whether requests are assigned to having urgent status, which means these requests have priority over other requests in our support queue.

Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

We will use all reasonable endeavours to meet the target uptime and response times for our customers.

For customers on our Business and Enterprise hosting plans, we offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% per month3.  In the unlikely event our uptime falls below this level of service, we will refund:

  • 10% of your monthly hosting fee for an uptime of between 99.89% and 99.01%,
  • 25% of your monthly hosting fee for uptime of between 99.0% and 95.01%,
  • and 50% of your monthly hosting fee for uptime of 95.0% or below.4

Additionally, for customers on our Enterprise Plan, we also guarantee our support response times.  If we fail to meet our SLA targets for responding to your tickets on more than 50% of occasions, we will also refund 20% of your monthly hosting fee. 4

If we fail to meet our Service Level Agreement targets (when refunds are due to be triggered), you also have the right to terminate your services with Primary Image Ltd with a full pro-rata refund of your purchased hosting plan (for the remaining time left) and no exit fees.


3 Uptime is monitored by an independent third-party and is specific to each customer website.  We publish our overall uptime figures on our website at regular intervals.  Specific uptime figures for your own website are available from us on request.  Monthly uptime is calculated by the number of minutes a website was unavailable to all visitors across a calendar month, subtracted from 100%.  We reserve the right to carry out emergency repair or maintenance at any time, but will give as much notice as reasonably possible.  We always try to plan this work outside of normal business hours.  Planned maintenance is excluded from our uptime figures.

4 To request a service credit for a particular month (according to the Service Level Agreement for your hosting plan), you must request this within thirty days of that month ending.  Service credits will be applied to future hosting plan payments, or, at our discretion, issued to the bank account you used to pay for your hosting services with Primary Image Ltd.

Our Service Level Agreement was last updated on 19th February 2017.

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