As this year draws to a close, we can safely say that 2020 will go down in the history books! It was also the year we celebrated our ten-year anniversary, which you can read about in our blog post.

We know it’s been a extremely challenging year for lots of our customers, but we hope you enjoy some rest over the holiday period, and we can start 2021 with hope that a return to normality is on the horizon. We would like to extend our warmest Christmas and New Year wishes to all customers, their teams and families.

Our opening times during the holiday period:

Our last day of normal business this year will be Friday, 18th December 2020.

We will still be available for any urgent support over the holiday period, but please note our phone lines will be closed, so any requests should be made via email to your normal contact (or via our support form). Any non-essential requests will be queued until after the holiday period.

Our web servers will continue to be monitored 24/7, both by us, and by our partners at the Centro data centre in Hemel Hempstead, who have technicians on-site throughout the entire holiday period. (It’s also worth mentioning our hosting exceeded 99.99% uptime over the past year, with our performance reports published each month for complete transparency, so your websites are in safe hands!).

Primary Image will reopen for normal business from Monday, 4th January 2021.

Happy Christmas!