From this month we’re making some improvements to the invoices we send our customers.

Firstly, we’ve redesigned the invoice layout so it’s easier to read, especially where hourly work is listed.  And our work is now itemised into categories, so it’s easier to track.

We have also made it easier and quicker to pay us.  Whilst the majority of our customers, especially those with finance departments, send us payments via bank transfer, we’re also aware that some of our smaller customers prefer the convenience of making payments via a debit or credit card.  Therefore, we have introduced a new button on our invoice emails, with your details pre-filled, so you can quickly make a card payment.

We have also updated our Primary Image payment page with a new system too.  Look out for the links on your next invoice!

From January last year, our standard payment terms changed to fourteen days, and this remains the same.


You’ll continue to receive a receipt via email when paying via debit/credit card or via PayPal.

However, we’re no longer sending automatic receipts to customers paying via bank transfer, because you can normally print confirmation from your own bank, or the invoice itself counts as all the proof you need for expenses / accounting purposes.

Alternatively, once you’ve made a payment, if you follow the link in your invoice email, the webpage will confirm payment has been received and allow you to download a receipt, normally within 48-72 hours of your payment being made.

New email address:

And finally, please be aware that our invoices will now arrive from a new email address, but we’ll normally send you a personal note just beforehand so you can expect our invoice and know it’s a genuine message!

If you have any other suggestions on how we can improve our invoicing process, please do let us know and we’ll be very happy to look at any feedback.