A reminder to our clients that you can now register your .london and .uk domain names through Primary Image…

Register your .london domain name – what you need to know:

Dot-London-domainCapitalise on London’s reputation and make sure you reserve your domain name in what is one of the most eagerly anticipated domain launches!  Between now and 31st July 2014, there’s a London Priority Period (pre-registration) where Trademark owners, or those with a London-based postal addresses or business name, have a higher priority to pick their domain names. From 9th September 2014, the .london domain names will go to general release, where they’ll be sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so it’s crucial that you secure your domain name before it’s too late!

How much is a .london domain name?

We’re currently charging £45 for the first-year, which includes a non-refundable £5 to the Dot London registry for validation purposes (which they charge even if you are unsuccessful in your registration). We’ll also handle the technical process and pick a pre-registration route to ensure you have the best chances of grabbing your chosen domain name, without you needing to worry about how the complicated London Priority Period process works. Get in touch with us today!

Register your .uk domain name – what you need to know:

Dot UK domain nameStephen Fry last week became the first Briton to switch to a new ‘.uk’ web domain, meaning businesses will no longer be confined to ‘.co.uk’. He said:

How come Germany could have .de, France .fr, South Africa .za, Italy .it etc etc etc? And we poor British had to have the extra exhaustion of typing co.uk.

These new .uk domain names launched last Tuesday (10th June 2014) and anyone who has a corresponding ‘.co.uk’ domain name has first right to register the .uk address up until 10th June 2019. If there’s no ‘.co.uk’ equivalent, then the ‘.org.uk’ owner will get the first opportunity to register the domain name.

Two other changes with the launch of these domain names is that a UK-based postal address must now be given and PO Boxes are no longer accepted in the registration process.

For more advice, please contact us and we’ll be able to let you know if you can register a ‘.uk’ domain name and, if you can, we’ll handle the registration process for you.