London skyline of the Shard and Canary Wharf

It’s been announced that the .london domain name will be launching next summer, which opens up exciting new opportunities for businesses in the capital.

Already tens of thousands of businesses have showDomain Availability – Dot Londonn an interest in having a London domain name, including prestige companies such as Selfridges. One domain name registrar has already had 17,000 expressions of interest in just 24 hours.

Michael Pead, Creative Director of Primary Image, says:

“The .com and market has become increasingly saturated and it’s becoming harder for businesses to find a suitable domain name. This new .london suffix will give businesses a new opportunity to choose a memorable domain name.”

“It will also ensure your business is instantly recognisable as serving the London area, which could well give you a competitive edge when people are searching for your products or services.”


When will I be able to register my .london domain name?

Initially, registration will open for London-based businesses, organisations and individuals in Spring 2014. This may involve verifying your postal address to confirm you are based in the capital city. Trademark owners will also be invited to register their names to protect their intellectual property rights. From Summer 2014, the initial launch restrictions will be lifted and the new domain names will become operational.

Will I have to have a London address to register for a .london domain name?

We understand that unlike some other recent new top-level domain names, such as the .pro suffix (where registrants are required to self-certify their professional status), there will not be any restrictions on who can register a .london domain name after the initial launch phase. Therefore, you shouldn’t need a London-based postal address to take advantage of a .london domain. However, the organisation managing the .london domain names is still developing their policies so this may change as more information becomes available.

How much will a .london domain name cost?

We don’t know yet how much a .london domain will cost. Once we have more information, we’ll let you know!


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