October updates to your website CMS

Better search within WordPressIt’s finally here – a better search facility!  If your website has a search box, there’s now a massive improvement to how the search results are sorted. In the past the results have been ordered by date, with the newest posts and pages first, but now they’re sorted by relevance.

See the example on the right when we searched for “cycling” on the mayoral campaign site ‘Wolmar for London’.

A number of significant but mostly hidden updates have also been applied to the CMS (Content Management System). These include over 500 tweaks and edits to the CMS software, including security enhancements and updates to various modules (depending on exactly what’s installed on your own website) such as contact forms, Twitter integration boxes, social media buttons, anti spambot systems, and some minor changes to the back-end user interface.


Pay with direct debit

To save the hassle of paying invoices, you can also now setup a Direct Debit with us as a more convenient payment method. It’s no extra cost! Just drop us a message and we’ll get things setup for you.

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