Wolmar 2014 aMany of our recent projects for new clients have involved refreshing their existing websites, which over time have become outdated.

So why should you explore having a website refresh?

Here’s some important points to consider:

1) Styles

Design styles change over time and your website can start looking old. Perception is so important on the internet – visitors will make judgements based on what they see and how professional your website looks compared to other sites.

2) CMS

Almost all websites now have an in-built CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to update your website yourself easily through your browser. You can have modules for adding news articles, events, discussion forums, etc, and even specialist modules to handle invoices, document management, quizzes and much, much more! Our efficient CMS platform makes updating your website quick and easy, saving you money!

3) Search Engine Optimisation

Certain practices used earlier in the 2000s to try to rank higher in search engine results are now discouraged, and you may even find Google is penalising or banning your website! Get your website reviewed by an SEO expert.

4) Lack of mobile compatibility

Does your website use Flash? Then you will be preventing iPhone and iPad users viewing your content, as well as stopping search engines from indexing your pages. Want to make your pages friendlier to mobile users? Many new websites now serve a mobile-friendly version of their pages, which creates a nice narrow column of content with a good sized font, making it better for smartphone users to read your website. Check out this site on your smartphone and see what happens!

5) Security holes

Outdated programming on your old website may contain security holes, risking a higher chance that vulnerabilities could be exploited and your website hijacked. Websites hosted with us have regular security enhancements and patches added, all at no extra cost to our annual hosting fees!

6) Social media integration

Does your website include links to your social media accounts, or even integrate your latest “tweets” directly into your webpages? You can add buttons allowing visitors to quickly share your website content via their own social network accounts, giving added exposure to your site and an ideal way to reach a larger audience.


If you want to invest in a redesign of your site and reap all the benefits it’ll bring to your organisation’s image, please chat to one of our web design experts who’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help suggest ideas on how to improve your current site.