We’re pleased to announce that our clients will have their website’s Content Management System upgraded over the Christmas holiday to the latest version.

Our Primary Image CMS software is continually improved and we roll out these updates frequently for customers who host their sites on our servers, often every two to three months, as part of our included maintenance and support package. We always apply these updates during low traffic periods, normally during the night time.

Earlier in the year we applied a major upgrade, making it easier for you to manage your website on tablet devices, as well as improvements to the interface when more than one logged-in user was editing pages at the same time. So what’s new in this latest version?

media-managerDecember 2012 improvements:

  • Completely new media manager; making it easier to insert images and files into your pages, including image galleries – see the picture on the right.  (note: if your website uses “featured” images in news posts, this function now has a separate tab).
  • When images are uploaded and automatically resized by the CMS, the quality is now even better than before!
  • Paste in a link to a Twitter status, YouTube or Vimeo video, or Instagram picture and the content will be embedded automatically right within your own website!  (tip: make sure the URL address is not hyperlinked and it’ll activate this feature!).
  • The admin area has a slightly new look and is now Retina optimised, meaning it looks great on your iPad 3 or other high-definition device.
  • It’s even faster and more secure – there’s lots and lots of enhancements behind the scenes.

We’ll send you an email when your website has been upgraded to the new CMS. We hope you like it!