Over the past three months, our Primary Image web hosting recorded an uptime of 100.00%, measured as an average across all our customers’ websites.

Primary Image made a significant investment in new hosting infrastructure at the end of 2016, with all our customers’ websites moved to high-tech web servers based in Hemel Hempstead. We also launched new business and enterprise hosting plans, for business-critical hosting where speed and uptime are essential.

How Primary Image compares…

A blog called Hosting Facts carried out tests on 30 leading web hosting companies, with a default WordPress website installed on each web host. They found the average hosting uptime was 99.71% (as of August 2017). That’s equivalent to your website being down for four minutes every day, or down for over two hours each month. No web host in their survey reached 100.00%.

In a separate survey, carried out by Cloud Spectator, their sample of major UK web hosts averaged an uptime of only 99.82% (over the past three months).

At Primary Image, we’ve always been proud of the premium hosting service we offer our customers. Back in 2014, we ran tests on 25 different web design agencies in Southend and found our servers were the fastest!


Mike from Primary Image said:

We take our website hosting very seriously. You’ll find budget web hosts are only interested in cramming their web servers full of websites, so they can make as much income as possible off each web server. This compromises reliability and speed, which results in poor uptime and a poor experience for your visitors.

We’re different. Our new state-of-the-art web servers are optimised for high uptime and fast loading speeds, particularly for WordPress-based websites.

Whilst no website host can ever guarantee 100% uptime forever, not even the giants of Google or Facebook manage that (and have their blips of downtime every now and then), we always aim for the very best service for our customers. Our 100.00% hat-trick demonstrates we’re achieving this.


Our web server uptime is independently monitored and recorded by a third-party. They make checks every two minutes of all our customers’ websites. We also publish our uptime record every month for transparency.

Update November 2017: Our web servers achieved 100.00% uptime throughout September and October too!