All our customers now have access to the latest version of our Content Management System and the following improvements:

drag-n-drop-media-uploaderFile uploads

Files can now be simply dragged and dropped into the file upload screen. There’s also now just a single upload button, so the CMS automatically detects if you are adding an image, video or document (see right).

CMS design

The left-hand side now features a “fly-out” menu, saving you time to access all the key areas of the Content Management System (CMS). The new CMS version has also been designed to display better on tablet devices, such as iPads.


If another user is currently editing the same page, the page will be locked until the other user finishes.


Several enhancements have been implemented to make your websites load faster.


Over the past few weeks there appears to have been an increased level of hacking attempts on the internet by automated programs. To be proactive, we have carried out a security audit on all our customers’ websites and introduced a thorough ten-step security plan on every single one of our customers’ websites completely free of charge.

Whilst we cannot go into detail, some of the improvements include limiting the number of log-in attempts a user can make, moving certain CMS files to a secret and locked area of the server and blocking the most typical types of hacking exploits.