Flyer design for a massage business

Project details

Client: F&Y Luxurious Massage
Type of business: Massage services
Location: Lancaster Gate, London
Date: Winter 2013
Products supplied: A5 landscape flyers, 250gsm, with glossy finish

We created 2,000 flyers for F&Y Luxurious Massage, who are based in the Lancaster Gate area of Central London, but travel all over the city offering home visit massage services to their clients.

Two different styles of designs were created, with F&Y wanting something that looked professional and elegant to appeal to the high-end market. We created two formal-style designs, with a calming colour scheme that reflected their type of business.  With tough competition for getting flyers noticed on people’s doormats, it’s important that potential customers immediately recognise what is being offered and the flyers must quickly “sell” the reasons why people should make a booking. Therefore, text was kept to a minimum to quickly convey the message and the “call to action”.

A fairly thick paper, 250gsm, was also chosen to emphasis the quality of their company, rather than using the typically thin flyers that are often used for door drops.

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