cmsThis weekend we’ve rolled out a series of small updates to the Content Management System (CMS) on all our client websites.

The work has mainly concentrated on security enhancements on our customers’ websites, including implementing version 4 of our strong security protection – unique to Primary Image.

We’ve also made the login procedure more user-friendly. As our clients will know, we use a two-step login for maximum security. The first step completely blocks access to the admin software to any unauthorised users or robots and this is a short generic username/password. The second step is a unique username/password for each user of your website and the password can be changed to your own preference.

We found some of our clients were getting confused with the two-step login, so now if you enter the wrong details on the first step, you’ll be shown a help page and, if necessary, directed to our CMS support page for more help.

A list of 37 minor improvements have been made to the core CMS software, however a much larger update will be installed on our client websites in the next few weeks. This will include new social media features integrated into your CMS, a brand-new interface and much more.