Web design for writer Michael Williams

Project details:

Client: Michael Williams
Type of business: Author / writer
Location: London
Date: Winter 2013

Following the closure of the Random House Authors Place website, writer Michael Williams needed a new online home for his work.

We came up with this concept of featuring Michael’s photo prominently on the front page of his website, with the design very much being built around him and giving a personal feel. The website opens with an animated panel, which rotates through several slides, including featuring Michael’s latest tweets. Further down, his latest blog post is displayed, and then pathways are provided to take visitors to his media work and his best-selling books.

Michael Williams often writes about the railways and travel, so the design includes a hint of this, for instance the page headings have a “railway sign” look and Michael also chose the colour palette himself.

On the Biography page, a slider panel features the logos of the publications Michael has written for, including the Daily Telegraph, Independent, Daly Mail, Rail magazine, and others. We loaded in over 60 articles of his previous work to quickly build up an archive ready for the website’s launch, mainly articles for the national press, but also some audio clips from his broadcasting work for the BBC. Each of his books have a dedicated page, which include content such as book reviews, pictures and videos.

Also built-in is an events calendar, which allows Michael to publicise his forthcoming events.

The website is responsive, meaning that it adapts for display on smartphones and tablet devices.

The site runs on our Primary Image website editor, meaning that Michael can maintain the website himself and add new blogs/articles through our easy-to-use web-based software.