Web design for the Society of Young Freemen

Project details:

Client: Society of Young Freemen
Type: Membership organisation
Location: City of London
Date: Winter 2011

The Society of Young Freemen (SYF) had a very outdated website design that was conveying a poor image of their organisation. They asked Primary Image to create a fresh, new website to help them attract more members and make it easier to provide information to their existing subscribers.

Primary Image came up with a formal, but contemporary design, which was relevant to their type of organisation. The new website structure was designed to make navigation much easier than before, with information presented more neatly.

We also installed the powerful WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to allow the Society of Young Freemen committee to make changes to their website themselves. In particular, they needed an easy way to handle event bookings and this was the key aspect of the new website.

The simplicity of this CMS means it’s incredibly quick to learn, so it was ideal for the committee which elected new members on a periodic basis.

The calendar section was designed so it could be easily updated through an events form on the back-end (after logging-in). With this system, the user simply enters some details about the event, such as a description, start/finish times, postcode and how many people can attend. The CMS then automatically creates the location map, displays a booking form until all places have been registered (after which it hides itself), sorts events in date order and displays the next two upcoming events on the home page, as well as doing many other things. Payments could also be taken via PayPal integration.

Contact us if you’d like to see a demo of how easy it is to manage an online calendar with our events system.

Looks fantastic and a real transformation from what we had previously!

Chris, Society of Young Freemen