From January 2017 our hourly work rates are changing.

It’s the first time we’ve reviewed our hourly rates in six years. We know price rises are never popular, of course, and we’ve tried to delay this increase for as long as we can (much longer than most other companies!).

Here’s what’s changing:

  • Our standard hourly rate is increasing from £35 to £48 (up by £13 per hour).
  • However, for customers who purchase a package of work hours in advance, we’re offering a lower rate.
  • We also now offer pre-paid work hours from just five hours’ work, rather than a minimum twelve hours in the past, which benefits our smaller clients.
  • We’ll be introducing some more fixed-fee prices to our work throughout this year, such as our new SEO packages, so you have certainty on being given a set price upfront for our work.

Why we’re changing our prices:

  • As we haven’t raised our prices since 2010, inflation alone accounts for half of the price increase.
  • The average rate for website work is now £86/hour (according to an independent survey), with just 3% of professional web design agencies now charging less than £50/hour, so we’re still very competitive to others.
  • Our experience now stands above many other design companies. We’ve spoken at national web design conferences, we attend international web design events, and have a proven track record of working with large organisations. With our web design work, we now exclusively work with the WordPress platform and are very skilled in this area.
  • Our response and turnaround times are very fast.
  • Our new prices will allow us to expand our support team.


If you have any questions, please do of course get in touch with us.